Belgrade, the capital of Serbia sets on the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. The unique blend of old and new gives the city special charm. Modern shopping malls are next to historical buildings, museums with old art and galleries with contemporary art, people rushing to school, universities, and work, passing the street named by the famous people from Serbian history. Nightlife in Belgrade is one of the best in Europe. The city center is the home of best Belgrade clubs.


Why Segway?

The best way to tour around Belgrade is Segway tour. Enjoy the smooth ride while passing through Belgrade parks and river banks. Visit many beautiful locations and tourist attractions around Belgrade. Fresh air, interesting conversation and beautiful sights are everything that you need.


Segway tours are optimized for four people or above. The best tour is “Belgrade Grand Tour” 150-170min. Kalemegdan, Congregation Church of Belgrade, Bajrakli mosque, Knez Mihailo street, are just some of the sights and attractions you will visit. Don’t have much time? “Kalemegdan Tour” is perfect for you. In 90min you will be able to see and understand one part of Serbian history.

As many of us are unique and special, tailor-made tours are the best option. Start anywhere you wish, and create the tour based on your interests. See you riding Segway!

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