iBike Belgrade

Have a great time seeing Belgrade in a fun educational way. Bike tours are the best way to experience the city. People from Belgrade are not using bikes a lot as a form of transportation. iBike Belgrade develops routes that visit the old part, new parts, nature, and rivers.

iBike Belgrade

iBike Belgrade Tours

Riverside Tour

Relaxing riverside ride will show you Belgrade from communism time to today. The tour takes about four hours with a twenty minutes break. A drink is included at the riverside or at the beach. On hot days, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit! The tour guy will tell you all about Belgrade, boring parts are not included.

Price: 22 Euros per person                                                                                             Duration: 4 hours

City Center Tour

See all the highlights and contrasts of this beautiful and amazing city. The tour takes about three hours. We believe that first impressions are everything. Forget endless walking or sightseeing from the bumpy bus. The refreshing bike ride is much better! You will learn interesting facts about the recent history of Belgrade and some urban myths. If you feel too hot or exhausted, no worries, ice cream is included in the price!

Price: 17 Euros per person                                                                                             Duration: 3 hours

The Grand Belgrade Tour

Get to know Belgrade’s whole story in a one day! This amazing one day tour is a combination of a riverside and city center tour. There is no city like Belgrade in whole Europe. You will feel like biking through multiple cities. Remnants of Austrian, Roman and Ottoman Empire tell their own version of what Belgrade was in their time. You will learn more about Belgrade today: the restaurants, the bars and the places to go or not to go…

Price: 40 Euros per person                                                                                             Duration: 1 day

Countryside Treasure Tour

If you already saw everything in Belgrade, or if you are not fan of a big city hustle, we have a solution! Countryside Treasure Tour is like having a mini holiday within your vacation. You will have a day trip full of amazing experiences.


  • Boat ride
  • Exploring the lost fortress of Kupinik in the forest
  • Biking
  • Sigthseeing
  • Bike to our destination and return via transport

Price: 75 Euros per person                                                                                      Duration: 1 day                                                                                                       Includes: Drinks and Lunch

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