Best 5 Museums in Belgrade

We all know that Belgrade nightlife is rich and vibrant. During the day, there are a lot of things that you can do. Most popular activity in our beautiful city is to visit a museum. Belgrade has a lot of museums and sometimes is difficult to choose. We made a list of best 5 museums in Belgrade you shouldn’t miss.

Museums in Belgrade

#1 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SERBIA                                                                              History Museum, Art Museum, Architecture Museum

National Museum’s main building is open again after a decade and a half. The Republic Square museum is home to more than 30 collections. It’s the largest museum in Serbia with more than 400.000 artifacts. See the impressive archaeological collection and a fine collection of impressionist paintings.

museums in Belgrade

#2 NIKOLA TESLA MUSEUM                                                                                   History Museum, Science Museum

Nikola Tesla is Serbia’s most important son of a modern age. He is one of the most important inventors and engineers of all times. The incredible inventions were born out of his genius mind. This small interactive museum is a second most visited museum in Belgrade. It’s dedicated to his life and work.

museums in Belgrade

#3 MILITARY MUSEUM                                                                                           Library, History Museum, Park

Belgrade’s Military Museum is located in Kalemegdan. The museum is home to more than 3000 weapons, armors, war flags, photographs, equipment…These artifacts covering violence from the Roman times to the modern day. The recent addition includes items addressing the NATO bombing Serbia.

museums in Belgrade

#4 MUSEUM OF YUGOSLAV HISTORY                                                                   Memorial, History Museum, Art Museum, Park

This is the most popular and most visited museum in Belgrade. The museum is located in the wealthy suburb of Dedinje, few minutes from the city center. Stretched across three buildings, it hosts exhibitions related to the history of Yugoslavia. Josip Broz Tito grave is in the House of Flowers, one of the buildings.

museums in Belgrade

#5 MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS                                                                                    Illusion Museum, Smart Playroom

Are you ready for an adventure? Museum of illusions is a unique experience for all generation. Enter the incredible world of illusion. You won’t believe your eyes! This world will amaze you, confuse you, but also educate you. Explore the world of illusions and experience the impossible.

museums in Belgrade


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