Novi Sad, Petrovaradin, Sremski Karlovci Tour (vehicle + walking)

The tour starts when our guide picks you up at your accommodation in Belgrade. Head to Fruška Gora area, the famous national park located 70 km from Belgrade and spiritual heart of the country with 17 functioning monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church.

Sremski Karlovci

Next stop is Sremski Karlovci, a small city which represents the true gemstone of Serbian culture and spirituality. With its baroque town lake, Patriarchy Palace, Congregational church of Saint Nikola and the Catholic church of Trinity, first Serbian gymnasium from 1881. and the library of the gymnasium of Karlovci, this town has earned its name “museum town”. Sremski Karlovci is a local center of wine production, this is why you will visit a traditional winery and try local sort of wine!

Novi Sad, Petrovaradin, Sremski Karlovci Tour (vehicle + walking)

Novi Sad

Afterward, we will go to Novi Sad, melting point of different nations and ethnic groups, the city with real multicultural ambiance and an example of true modern European metropolis, located 80 km away from Belgrade. Thanks to its position on the cost of the river Danube, once was the border between two empires, Austro-Hungary on the north and Ottoman on the south and with the charter of Queen Marija Terezeja, it gets the status of free royal city Neoplanta in 1748. Thanks to the mixing of different nations and ethnic groups, Novi Sad with the population of 250 000 is a truly multicultural environment and is the example of a truly modern European metropolis. We will walk through: Dunavska (Danube) and Zmaj Jovina street, which are the main walking zones of the city, City Hall, Freedom Square, The Name of Mary Church, Katolička porta, the house of Mileva Einstein – the wife of Albert Einstein, The Synagogue in Jevrejska street, Matica Srpska – the oldest cultural institution of Serbia, and the city beach Štrand.


Next, we cross to the right side of the Danube cost and go to Petrovaradin, to Petrovaradin Fortress. Founded on the grounds of a medieval edifice, the fortress was built by the Austrians in the 17th and 18th century as a pillar of defense against the invasion of the Turks. They call it the “Gibraltar of Danube”, because of its position. Today the fortress is famous for the most prestigious European music festival “Exit”.

Fashion Park Inđija

After sightseeing around this beautiful city you may try an authentic Vojvodina cuisine in a traditional restaurant (optional). After this, on your way back to Belgrade, make a pause in the biggest Shopping and Outlet Zone in Serbia – Fashion Park Inđija. Purchase gifts for your beloved ones and bring great memories from Serbia for a great value! Afterward, you will be driven back to your accommodation in Belgrade.

DEPARTURE TIME: EVERY DAY (except Monday and Tuesday) AT 09:00 AM
PRICE: 49€ per person



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