The Grand Belgrade Tour

In 1 Day get to know Belgrade’s whole story!

Price 40 Euro – 1-day tour – (optional lunch)
We meet up at the at Brace Krsmanovic Street 5

If you’re passing through Belgrade and you want to take most out of your time here. We recommend our 1-day tour package which is a combination of the Riverside and City Center Highlights tour.

Belgrade is a city unlike other. As we take you deep into Belgrade – you will feel as if you’re biking through multiple cities. The different architectural styles, historical remnants of Austrian, Roman and Ottoman Empire each tell their own version of what Belgrade was in their time.

We will take you through a time-traveling journey, retell how it is that a city that was conquered over forty times is still standing today before your eyes.

The Grand Belgrade Tour

Ride pass the rivers Danube and Sava and see impressive buildings of the socialist era of Yugoslavia, the old village of Zemun, the green and the beautiful island of Ada with its beach and most importantly the key highlights of Belgrade’s center.  If you are in to discover the real Belgrade this is the tour for you.

One of our young and professional English-speaking guides will welcome you to our shop. The tour will take about a day, including a relaxing lunch break with a drink included at the riverside.

During the tour, your guide will tell you all about Belgrade, except for the boring stuff. Next, to interesting facts about the (recent) history of Belgrade and some urban myths, you will learn more about Belgrade today: the restaurants, the bars and the places to go or not to go…



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