City Center Bike Tour

Meet Belgrade and see all the highlights and contrasts of this beautiful city.

Price 17 Euro – Duration 3 hours – Ice cream included
Just show up at the Brace Krsmanovic Street 5 a few minutes before 14.00.

First impressions are everything. Think of this tour as Belgrade’s debut.  No endless walking or sightseeing on a bumpy bus ride. Instead how about a refreshing bike ride! Basically, anybody who knows how to ride a bicycle can join the tour.

We will ride through the cobbled street of the lively bohemian quarter, a former famous gathering spot of the literary greats. We will pass the Parliament building and City Hall. Across the street lays the former residence of one of the Serbian Royal dynasties, where the king was thrown from the balcony. Jokingly we refer to it as King’s Landing. Other great stops will include second largest Orthodox Church, St Sava, we’ll encounter reminders of the past, former Army Headquarters and many more.

City Center Bike Tour

During the tour, your guide will tell you all about Belgrade, except for the boring part. In addition to interesting facts about the recent history of Belgrade and some urban myths, you will learn more about the Belgrade of today: the restaurants, the bars, the places to visit or to avoid etc.


  • Price: 17 Eur
  • Includes: Ice Cream
  • Duration: 3 hours



  • Ride through the bohemian quarter
  • Orthodox Church St. Sava
  • Listen to urban myths





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