Belgrade Beer Pub Crawl Tour (walking)

“Great beer!” is not the first thing you might relate to Serbia but that’s just because we keep this secret to ourselves! Considering the fact that Belgrade hosts the biggest Beer Festival in South-East Europe and, what’s more, Serbs put an image of the beer manufacture Georg Weifert on 1000-dinars banknote, believe us, we know what “good beer” means!

Belgrade Beer Pub Crawl Tour (walking)

Our crew proudly presents you a 3-hour beer ride that introduces Serbian brewing industry heritage to inquisitive ones and lets you enjoy craft beer in the hidden gems of Belgrade. Or, should we call it BEERgrade?

The guide will be waiting for you at 07 pm at address Strahinjića Bana 36, close to the first pub. On the route, you will visit 3 pubs and taste 7 different types of local beer and hear many interesting stories about making this special drink that we all love so much.

Belgrade nightlife in pub Pivnica Zirafa 23

All 3 pubs are in the Dorćol district, a zone of Belgrade recognizable by nightlife, clubs, pubs, good vibe for sure. The start is in Strahinjića Bana Street, the street known among locals as the Silicon Valley, which is nevertheless is not famous for any high tech. But this and other local stories you will hear on tour in a good atmosphere.

Follow your guide, skip the line and try seven craft beers included in the price. The tour is designed for approximately 3 hours, you must be 18+ so, please, have your ID with you.

GATHERING: Strahinica  Bana Street 36
GATHERING TIME: Friday and Saturday at 07:00 PM
DURATION: Approximately 3 hours
PRICE: 19€ per person



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