If you were ever wondering why this restaurant has a number in its name, we’ll help you to solve the mystery. Was it a year when the restaurant was open? The year of birth of its first owner? Was it a year when 1st roller coaster was used? Well we will give you a little hint, Stanica is a Serbian word for Station and the year 1884 was a year when Belgrade Railway Station was built and its still in use till this very day!


So what to expect from this Belgrade restaurant? Expect compound of tradition and contemporary. Mixed with tradition, quality, extraordinary food, attentive and friendly staff, you will find everything in the newly opened restaurant Stanica 1884. The restaurant is situated in the building of the Belgrade Railway Station built in 1884. In this restaurant, Serbian traditional food is prepared and served with a modern twist.


Their vision is, as they say, to remind Serbian people, and inform their dear guests from abroad about old Serbian specialties prepared and served in the new modern way. The historical building was the inspiration for the restaurant menu, and well-known chef Konstantin Katafaj made a perfect selection of Serbian national dishes.


The highlights of the menu are their deserts. The wine list counts over 110 different wines, and live band gigs are on weekends.

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Address: Savski Trg 2
Payment method: Cash, Master Card, Visa


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