Sinfully Delicious Serbian Food

If you ever hear people saying that food is better than sex, be sure that they are talking about Serbian national cuisine. This amazing fusion of Turkish, Hungarian and Mediterranean dishes, with its own local character and twist, is a real carnival for your taste buds. Food in Serbia is prepared, served and shared with love.


With so many different culinary specialties to offer, Serbia is a real paradise not only for the real gastronomes but also for the pickiest eaters. Serbian cuisine is that last special ingredient that will spice up your journey through this amazing country and its history, making the perfect balance between modern and traditional.


There is no doubt about it, with its numerous restaurants, Belgrade is the best place to be and enjoy in sinfully delicious Serbian food. With every tasty bite, you will truly fall in love with this amazing country and its people!


When it comes to dining out, Belgrade has much to offer. Restaurants are spread out all over the city. No matter if you are looking for local or international cuisine, Belgrade has it all, and it will live up to the expectations.

Belgrade Restaurants

There are lots of amazing restaurants in the old town of Belgrade. If you want to feel the old spirit of Belgrade, Skadarlija is the place to be. Old Bohemian part of the city, for the centuries favorite among poets and artists, well known for traditional Serbian food and music.

If you are, however, looking for more international contemporary options, you can head towards Dorcol and Strahinjica Bana Street or Beton Hala.


If you want to relax and admire the stunning view of the river, check out some of the places on  Zemun River Side of Danube, more known as Zemunski Kej.

Treat yourself to a royal feast before heading to the one of the most exclusive Belgrade Night Clubs

Welcome to Serbia and Bon Appetite!



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