One Night In Square

A few days ago we were again at =. It’s a place where hostesses look like they jumped from the video “Call On Me”  – retro shorts that cover less ass then San Marino European map! Perfection.

Square club

The only thing that is more perfect then hostesses is a dancer. Perfect face and a smile. Girl for which the owner of the club says “She? She is bro!” and speaking about asses she’s got the perfect tinsel one that we ever seen in our lives. And she is dancing so good that you could watch her dancing all night long until the lights go on and the cleaning lady get you the sign with her broom that the party is over. We don’t know how much are they paying her, but it’s not enough!


Square is the place where the hottest girls in the club are not sitting in the main booth because they are paying them for posing there and get photo shoots for portals. Not here. Everyone’s priority is to have a blast and go home as late as they can. The crowd is a nice mix of everything. College girls who just finished their universities dancing and having fun like it’s their last night out, or some more mature crowd having a nice time. Your age is just a number here, people come here to party and they are partying hard.


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