It’s All About Spring…

Is the spring perfect time to visit Belgrade? We would say yes, it’s magical! In spring, Serbians are the most beautiful people on the Earth. You will believe us as soon as you make your first step on Belgrade streets. And Belgrade girls, don’t let us start about that! We could talk all day and night about the beauty of Belgrade girls, but we are not here for that…well, not entirely true…


If you meet any man who already been in Belgrade, the first thing he will mention is GIRLS!!! And he will tell you that you need to see it by yourself because he can’t quite good describe them. Tall, long legs, always dressed well, hair, makeup, nails…Even if you see them early in the morning, they are ready to go anywhere, fancy restaurant, nightclub, or theater…It seems that they spent all night making their hairs look beautiful, choosing clothes and putting the makeup on.


Its true, Belgrade girls are beautiful, but they are hard to get. Here are some facts about them. Things you need to know before you indulge in your Belgrade adventure:

  • Belgrade girls are very confident
  • they are smart
  • and of course charming
  • they are playful and talkative
  • very direct and straightforward


The best way to meet girls is in one of the best Belgrade clubs. Everyone is more relaxed there and it’s easier to start a conversation with them. Belgrade girls speak English very well and they love to talk with foreigners. But remember, BE RESPECTFUL, don’t use profanities, act like a real gentleman and you will have the chance to meet some real beauties.


Don’t miss this spring-summer season in Belgrade, some new clubs are going to open and everyone knows that the best parties are in Belgrade! See you all in our beautiful city!!!


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