Belgrade Taste Tour (walking + vehicle)

You cannot fully understand a new country or city if you didn’t participate in local routine and daily rituals. If you didn’t taste products and food, either typical for that destination or those which represent new trends in local cuisine, you are not able to think you have learned it all! After this tour, you will feel yourself more of a Serbian Expert!

Coffee at Dorćol

The tour starts at prominent Republic Square blow the Big Clock in Belgrade’s downtown at 10:00 am. First, we will start with a morning coffee in a local charming café at Cara Dušana Street infamous Dorćol quarter. Coffee drinking is a ritual for locals that lets them enjoy a cup of energizing coffee and dynamic chitchat.

At the coffee bar, you will enjoy some good quality coffee prepared in Serbian manner and, in case you like it, purchase some for warming memories! Here you will hear the story how coffee was brought to Belgrade and how this ritual became a solution for every private or business challenge.

Bajloni Green Market

After getting a dose of caffeine you will be ready to research one of the oldest green markets in Belgrade, known as Bajloni market even though its official name is Skadarska Market. On the way to market, you will stop by in a bakery to purchase some bruschetta for upcoming cheese-tasting on the market. By the way, it’s almost unforgivable to miss the bakery, that “holy place”   for Serbs who are big fans of bread and pastry!

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