Coffee Dream

Everything starts from a dream. Every one of as has a dream. So we are dreaming the dream. A dream of perfect cup of coffee. To be precise, a dream about a place where you can drink beautiful coffee. That is how Coffee Dream begin. The place where the ritual of coffee drinking habit becomes beyond enjoyment. All of their products are carefully selected and created of the highest quality raw materials that are spiced up with a little bit of a dream.


These coffee shop can easily become your favorite spot. Kindly and quick stuff, pleasant atmosphere with remarkable garden and interesting deserts will put you on the “sweet torment”. Many sorts of coffee, pastries, freshly squeezed juices, lots more will make your day.

This is a perfect place for business meetings, to socialize with friends, or just to take a break.


And there is more! Their store offers coffee “to go”!

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Reservations are required, text us on WhatsApp or call our service for free reservation.


Address: Resavska 32


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